Pastor Joe Bailey

“I wanted to let you all know how much Speegleville Baptist Church continues to be blessed from the work you did during the Empower Waco Week. The web-page, the new logo and the re-designed newsletter have all been a blessing to our congregation.

This past week we finished our VBS. For the first time, we had over 22 kids pre-register through our web-page. Three of the families who attended our VBS are new to the Speegleville area and they learned about our VBS via our website. One of those families is now attending church and another family who came to our VBS has also been attending Speegleville Baptist Church.”

“Having a new and up-to-date website has greatly increased our church’s visibility. These days, having web presence is vital if you want to be noticed. Visitors have told us about their experience “googling” the church and encountering our site.

I have heard from various people how the website communicates that our church is relevant, active, and welcoming. Additionally, the new website includes features that our members have greatly benefited from. These features include, weekly announcements at a glance and a prayer request submission page.”

“Our website was old and we were very restricted in what we could do with it. It became clear that it really was not benefiting the church enough to make it worth the expense. When the team from Empower Waco came in, they created a whole new website from scratch and built it in a way that we can easily update it on our own. Not only did they build a beautiful site, but they trained us in how to use it and maintain it. Now with just a little time each week we have an up-to-date, attractive, and very helpful website. Our folks can go to the home page to get information about any upcoming events or to hear the most recent sermon. People who are looking for a church are able to find us easily and learn all they need to know about us before they even walk through our doors. We are very grateful to WRBA and Empower Waco for helping us increase our ministry and outreach in such a meaningful way!”