Empower Waco Request Forms

The focus of Empower Waco 2020 has changed to helping as many WRBA churches as possible next week (Mar 29th-Apr 3rd) in 4 help categories.

1. Live Streaming church services
2. Virtual gatherings of small/community groups, committees, prayer teams, and deacons
3. Online giving
4. Social media and church communication during this season

All you need to do is fill out the corresponding forms below to request assistance, and then ensure you have the time or staff on your side to work with us in making it happen. There are some hands-on things we'll need from your church, but much of it is provided to you through hands-on training, guidelines, and processes.

Requests should be submitted no later than this Friday at 4pm CST.

This year, we will serve churches on a first-come, first-served basis.

Online Giving

Live Streaming

Virtual Gatherings

Social Media and Communication